Webinar #6: Product Owner Anti-Patterns

TL;DR: Webinar Product Owner Anti-Patterns — June 19th, 2018

The sixth Hands-on Agile webinar product owner anti-patterns addresses 12 ways to improve a product owner’s skill set. Learn also when you — as the scrum master or scrum team — should reach out to your product owner and offer support.

Hands-on Agile Webinar Product Owner Anti-Patterns — June 19th, 2018

Update 2018-06-20: The Slide Deck of Webinar Sprint Planning Anti-Patterns Is Available

The slide deck of the webinar is now available:

If the slide deck will not work within this browser window, please click here to browse the slide deck of the webinar sprint planning anti-patterns directly on Slideshare. There, you will also be able to download a PDF of the slide deck.

I will make both the screencast of the webinar available at a later stage.

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