You’re Invited: Join Our ‘Hands-on Agile’ Slack Team

TL;DR: Join the ‘Hands-on Agile’ Slack Team

I would like to invite you to join for free Age of Product’s new “Hands-on Agile” Slack team and enjoy the benefits of a fast-growing, 800+ strong community of agile peers from all corners of the world.

Hands-on Agile: Join Age of Product’s new Slack channel

What’s in for You: The Benefits of the Hands-on Agile Community on Slack

There are plenty of benefits, a community of professionals provides to its members, for example:

  • Get instant feedback from your peers on agile best practices,
  • Learn how to solve problems,
  • Learn how to deal with change,
  • Identify the right tool for a task.

All you have to do, is join and participate. Slack is easily accessible by either your browser or by one of Slack’s free desktop apps.

If you like to join this brand-new Slack team, just provide your credentials via the following Google form, and I will sign you up:

See you on Slack soon!

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