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Welcome to the Download Page of the “Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide” Ebook

The ’Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide’ is another free ebook from the Hands-On Agile series of practical guides from the trenches. It covers more than 160 Scrum anti-patterns that hold your Scrum Team back.

Hands-on Agile: Download The Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide

The “Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide” ebook is a collection of articles I have been writing and refining since April 2017. They detail the necessary steps to identify and overcome scrum anti-patterns. The ebook covers, for example,

  • Anti-patterns of the Daily Scrum,
  • Anti-patterns of the Product Backlog refinement,
  • Anti-patterns of the Sprint Planning,
  • Anti-patterns of the Sprint itself,
  • Anti-patterns of the Sprint Review,
  • Anti-patterns of the Sprint Retrospective,
  • Development Team anti-patterns,
  • Product Owner anti-patterns,
  • Scrum Master anti-patterns, and…
  • Stakeholder anti-patterns.

The guide offers plenty of perspectives on how to come together as a Scrum Team, to figure out what part of your work as a team needs attention, and to start continuously improving your way of collaboration. (Probably, you will recognize already some of the listed anti-patterns.)

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What Scrum anti-patterns are missing? Please share it with us in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Download the ’Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide’ for Free”

  1. Stefan, I have not had a chance to review all your material but one thing stuck out that I want to respond to. One of the anti-patterns you mentioned was ‘being ridged with the Scrum Guide’. I have this discussion with my peers often and remind them that that is a guide and should be used as such. As a Scrum Master I follow the guide in the sense that it works for the team/s I am responsible for. My objective is to create a successful team that meets all commitment they have agreed to. The health of the team is essential. I have proposed to one team, that is very mature in the scrum processes and meets their commitments, that we skip the stand up one day a week. They all agreed and we did a pilot on this and it has worked very well. One advantage that I will mention is that the team is all together so collaboration is on going. I look forward to reading on and discover other things that you relate to.
    Thank you.

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