Scrum Master Trends Survey 2018 — Join and Age of Product

TL;DR: Scrum Master Trends Survey 2018 — An Anonymous Poll by and Age of Product

The purpose of this the anonymous Scrum Master Trends Survey is to create a clear, data-backed benchmark that allows everyone in the agile community to get an understanding of Scrum Masters, their background, how they got there and where their compensation falls in comparison to others in the community.

Scrum Master Trends Survey 2018 — Join and Age of Product

By the way, the report will cover Scrum Masters as well as Agile Coaches, both employed and freelancing.

Join Scrum Master Trends the survey now: Scrum Master Trends Survey.

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The Questionnaire of the Scrum Master Trends Survey 2018 and Age of Product Teaming up for the Scrum Master Trends Survey 2018

This year, Age of Product and have teamed up to conduct the survey. A free report highlighting key findings will be released after the data has been collected and analyzed.

The goal is once more to have a sufficient number of replies by the end of June 2018 so that we can create and release the report by the end of September 2018.

At the end of the survey there is an optional question where if you wish to provide your email address, we will send you the report as soon as it is available.

The Questionnaire of the Scrum Master Trends Survey 2018

The poll for the ‘Scrum Master Trends Survey 2018’ covers 25 questions:

  1. Personal information: Please provide your personal information. We’re aware of generally existing discrimination at the compensation level in the tech industry. Does it apply to our industry, too?
  2. Professional background: What educational and professional background do you have? (Given that there is no formal education for our profession this information can provide career patterns.)
  3. Industry: What industry are you working for? (We expect the IT as well as the finance industry to pay the highest remunerations. Also, larger organizations might pay better than smaller companies for the same position. Please help to verify the hypotheses.)
  4. Your current position: Please help us understand what you consider your current position to be — Scrum Master or Agile Coach —, and how it compares to your peers‘ jobs. Our particular interests are the agile fluency state of your current organization, the size of the product delivery organization, and the length of your tenure.
  5. Prior and current work experience: This section covers your working experience with Agile practices.
  6. Current salary or remuneration: Finally, the last question: What is your income as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach? To be able to compare entries, you will need to normalize your answer, for example, convert your salary to US-$ – based on the current exchange rate –, if you are not paid in US currencies.

Join Scrum Master Trends the survey now: Scrum Master Trends Survey.

Lastly, please forward the survey to colleagues and peers that might be interested in participating. The more data that we can collect and aggregate, the better the outcome.

Download the Free ‘Scrum Master Salary Report 2017’

Download the free ‘Scrum Master Salary Report 2017’ to bridge the waiting time until the Scrum Master Trends Survey 2018 will become available by September 2018:

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