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When I wrote the Agile Failure Patterns In Organizations post in October, I could not anticipate the feedback it would receive: Over 80 comments on the Hacker News thread and almost 15,000 readers on the blog and additional channels like DZone or Business2Community.

The three most important issues I have taken away from the developing discussions are as follows:

  • An agile entity cannot be successfully isolated from the rest of the organization. The organization needs to be committed to becoming “agile” as a whole to reap in the benefits of being agile.
  • Hence, becoming an agile organization starts with an organization’s culture. In most cases, becoming agile requires a significant change of culture.
  • And at the center of this cultural change, the organization needs to adopt a learning culture that does not penalize failure, but encourages experimentation.

(Interestingly, these findings bear a remote resemblance with the laws of thermodynamics. But maybe, I am just biased as I studied chemistry.)

A refusal to learn for the fear of failure is a catch 22 for all things innovative. I, therefore, like to use the momentum and invite you to participate in a new LinkedIn group — the Agile Clinic — that shall be focussing on the transition path to embracing failure, addressing all the organization dysfunctions that hinder progress and how to deal with them. For agile peers by agile peers so to speak.

Please join and spread the word:

Join our Agile Clinic on LinkedIn!

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