User Testing the Lean Way – Hands-on Agile Series

🏖 & 📖: Free Download of ‘Lean User Testing’ as a Kindle Ebook

Summer 2019 is coming, and I like to give away two Kindle ebooks you might consider adding to your reading list. From today until next Monday, that is June 20–24th, 2019, ‘Lean User Testing’ will be available for free on Amazon: Download your copy of ‘Lean User Testing’ now. [Advertising.]

Free Download of ‘Lean User Testing’ as a Kindle Ebook

Check also for ‘How to Get Hired as A Scrum Master.’ This title is also available for free in Amazon’s Kindle shop.

📕 Hands-on Agile: Lean User Testing — A Pragmatic Step-by-Step Guide to User Tests

If you believe in agile software development and delivering value to your customers and your company, reading this book is the right decision as it will greatly support your process to identify and create valuable, feasible and usable products.

Lean User Testing is available as a Kindle ebook and as paperback.

“We Know What We Need to Build”

Who hasn’t yet heard that dreaded, gut feeling-based notion in the past? In my experience, it is rarely valid, but more often an expression of outdated thinking, that values output over outcome, that believes in requirement documents and micromanaging the product team.

This book on user testing, however, is dedicated to a completely different approach, that Steve Blank once wrapped up in his famous quote: “There are No Facts Inside Your Building — Get Outside”. And you should do so as early as possible in the process – it is the most important task of any product team.

This book is, therefore, a deliberately short, focused, pragmatic manual for everyone, who designs, develops or markets software: Product manager, engineers, and designers (UX/UI). It is based on hundreds of user interviews that I have run up to now and provides all you need to know to start your own user interview initiative in about two hours of your time.

Save up to 90% of Typical User Interview Costs

And there is more good news: The lean user testing approach will save up to 90% of the costs compared to outsourcing user interviews to a professional usability agency, but will return at least 80% of possible insights.

Avoid Building Expensive Features Nobody Wants

No more flying blind in the early stages: Test your hypotheses quickly and turn product discovery into your advantage over the competition.

Learn how to avoid wasting money on software nobody wants and how to deliver value instead. Obsolete features aren’t just expensive to build. They also need to be maintained and probably be removed at a later stage again, not to mention their opportunity costs: Imagine what you could have built instead.

Gain More Runway for Your Startup With User Testing

Optimizing the cycle-time of your product hypotheses will focus available engineering and product management resources on valuable, usable and feasible features, thus extending your runway and improving your standing for the next funding round.

Improve Communication with Stakeholders

User tests greatly simplify the communication with stakeholders – the interviews, you will be running, are your product organization’s first line of defense when it comes to turning down unreasonable feature requests.

📕 How to Get Your Copy of ‘Lean User Testing’

English and German editions of ‘Lean User Testing’ are available at Amazon. Get your copy today!

Lean User Testing

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Scrum Master Career: How to Get Hired as a Scrum Master: From Job Ads to Your Trial Day — Learn How to Pick the Right Employer or Client details how Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches can systematically identify suitable employers or clients to avoid mismatches and disappointments at a later stage. If you are planning a career move into the Scrum Master profession, don’t miss out on these tips.

Scrum Master Career: How to Get Hired as a Scrum Master by Age-of-Product

Scrum Master Career: How to Get Hired as a Scrum Master is currently available as a Kindle ebook. Shortly, the paperback version will be available, too.

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  1. I’m in the US and I’m only seeing it as free as part of Kindle Unlimited. Purchasing the Kindle edition is $4.99. Is it only free outside the US?

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