“Lean User Testing”: Free Download of Kindle Version

Update 2015-10-18: Thank you for 383 Downloads and Your Encouraging Feedback!

Admittedly, I was a bit overwhelmed with the positive response — 383 downloads:

Free Lean User Testing e-book downloads in October from the Kindle Store

Thank you so much for your positive feedback; it will be a good basis for version 2 of the ebook!

From the Hands-on Agile series: Lean User Testing – download for free, now!

My ebook on user testing best practices Lean User Testing – A Pragmatic Step-by-Step Guide to User Tests is available for free from the Amazon Kindle store from October 12th to October 16th.

Please download the book and forward the link to colleagues, friends, and anyone who has an interest in the topic, it would mean the world to me.

Update: Submission to BookBub Failed: “Lean User Testing” Does Not Have Enough Filler Pages

To spread the word, I submitted Lean User Testing to BoobBub, a newsletter that promotes free or discounted e-books. And I was rejected:

Thanks for your submission. At this time, BookBub only features full-length books, so unfortunately this book does not qualify for editorial review. We’ve included our page length requirements below:
  • Novels: 150+ pages
  • Nonfiction: 100+ pages
  • Cookbooks: 70+ pages
  • Children’s picture books: 20+ pages

And they are right: Lean User Testing is deliberately only 70 pages only. If you’re a normal reader, it’ll take two hours to get you from zero to “I want to run my first user tests”. No unnecessary content, bloating the ebook and watering down the experience. It’s about the reader, not the author.

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