Food for Agile Thought #247: Agile 101, Inspecting and Adapting Agility, Influence w/o Authority, Prototype vs. MVP

TL; DR: Agile 101, Inspecting and Adapting Agility — Food for Agile Thought #247

Welcome to the 247th edition of the Food for Agile Thought newsletter, shared with 26,724 peers. This week, we unearth a great introductory video for stakeholders, the Agile 101. In the light of the pandemic, we inspect and adapt the principles of agile management, and we learn about the importance of no longer giving in to a need: tell people what to do or hand them solutions.

We also think about how to influence others without having any real authority, a handy trick for every product mensch. We try to understand why some people can regularly create product success and follow the difference between an MVP and a prototype.

Lastly, we thank Hugo Bowne-Anderson for pointing at something not immediately obvious: an adverse outcome doesn’t mean a wrong decision.

Food for Agile Thought #247: Agile 101, Inspecting and Adapting Agility, Influence w/o Authority, Prototype vs MVP —

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🏆 The Tip of the Week: Agile 101

Takeshi Yoshida (via Medium): 📺 📖 Coach Takeshi’s Agile 101

In this short video, Takeshi Yoshida answers many questions regarding Agile, Lean, Scrum, Design Thinking—an ideal introduction to the topic.

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Agile 101 & Scrum

Steve Denning (via Forbes): Rethinking Ten Sacred Truths Of Agile

Steve Denning goes back to the drawing board of agile management—it’s time to inspect and adapt.

Andy Cleff: Stop Giving Answers… Ask Powerful Questions Instead

Andy Cleff advocates to break with an outdated leadership paradigm—stop telling people how to carry on.

Hugo Bowne-Anderson (via O’Reilly Media): Decision-Making in a Time of Crisis

Hugo Bowne-Anderson points at something not immediately obvious: an adverse outcome doesn't mean a wrong decision.

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Product & Lean

David Wang (via Product Coalition): How To Influence Without Authority As a Product Manager

David Wang reflects on the product manager’s critical challenge: influencing other parties to align w/o having real power.

Paul Adams (via Intercom): Product Judgment: How some people can repeatedly create product success

Paul Adams delves into the intangible of the path to stardom as a product mensch.

(via Product School): The Difference: Prototype vs MVP

Ellen Merryweather dissects the critical differences between two of the artifacts of agile product development.

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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