Food for Agile Thought #159: Agile Industrial Complex, Scrum Team Kick-off, Idea Funnel, Product Discovery

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #159—shared with 19,054 peers—covers the agile industrial complex and its fake-agile distortion field, according to Daniel Mezick, we kick-off new Scrum teams, and we advocate to manage the flow of work, not people.

We also appreciate another success story from the continuous product discovery field, supported by a proven & tested reference idea funnel, and ask: is Design Thinking merely preserving the status quo?

Lastly, we address agile sensemaking—a visualization of working and learning in a state of perpetual beta.

Have a great week!

Food for Agile Thought #159: Agile Industrial Complex, Scrum Team Kick-off, Idea Funnel, Product Discovery

🏆 The Essential Read

Daniel Mezick: The Agile Industrial Complex: People As Resources

Daniel Mezick claims that the whole community is meanwhile driven by money, selling a fake-Agile distortion field to executives.

Agile & Scrum

Christiaan Verwijs (via The Liberators): We kick-started three Scrum Teams with this awesome string of Liberating Structures

Christiaan Verwijs details how he and his co-facilitator organized the kick-off of three brand-new Scrum teams.

Harold Jarche: the agile sensemaking model

Harold Jarche believes that working and learning in perpetual beta—constant change while getting things done—requires agile sensemaking.

(via Agile Advice Blog): On Managing Work – Not People

James Steele advocates focussing on managing the flow of work to improve predictability and effectiveness, not the people involved.

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Scrum Sprint Anti-Patterns Hands-on-Agile Webinar #7

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Product & Lean

Ash Maurya: The Idea Funnel – Love the Problem

Ash Maurya shares a reference idea funnel that he has run across bootstrappers, startups, and corporate innovation teams.

Teresa Torres (via Product Talk): Creating a Sustainable Continuous Discovery Practice at CarMax [Case Study]

Teresa Torres shares another success story from the product discovery field—CarMax.

(via Harvard Business Review): Design Thinking Is Fundamentally Conservative and Preserves the Status Quo

Natasha Iskander notes that design thinking privileges the designer above the people she serves, thus limiting participation in the design process.

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