Food for Agile Thought #125: Remote Work, Coach Archetypes, Measuring Agility, First PM Principles

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #125—shared with 14,043 peers—addresses the dark side of remote work, what scrum masters do not do, and why the whining about too many scrum meetings is baseless.

We then learn how to apply first principles to product management, and why knowing what not to build is essential today.

Lastly, we have a brief look at a new open source initiative: the agility assessment framework—its working title for the moment.

Have a great week!

Age of Product: Food for Agile Thought #125: Remote Work, Coach Archetypes, Measuring Agility, First PM Principles

🏆 The Tip of the Week: Remote Work

Martin De Wulf (via Hackernoon): The Stress of Remote Working

Martin De Wulf analyzes the dark side of working remotely as a software developer.

Agile & Scrum

Barry Overeem: Myth 11: In Scrum, we spend too much time in meetings

Barry Overeem busts the ‘there are too many meetings in scrum’ myth.

David Tzemach: Scrum Master (SM): A Practical Approach

David Tzemach created a short checklist of a scrum master’s duties.

📯 How to Measure Agility of Organizations and Teams

Is every organization suited to become ‘agile?’ If so: How to measure agility? And if not: Wouldn’t it be great figuring that out before embarking on a futile and expensive journey?

On February 3rd, 2018, 20-plus people will join a hackathon to build an agility assessment framework based on this taxonomy. The goal of the workshop is to provide the first version of a tool that empowers agile practitioners to measure agility, be it an organization’s suitability for agile practices or a team’s progress on its path to becoming agile.

Measure Agility of Organizations and Teams — Age of Product

Read More: How to Measure Agility of Organizations and Teams.

Product & Lean

Brandon Chu: The First Principles of Product Management

Brandon Chu believes that first principles can help product managers align their teams around what’s most important.

Jonathan Solórzano-Hamilton (via Free Code Camp): When writing code is a waste of time.

Jonathan Solórzano-Hamilton elaborates on the importance of knowing what not to build.

John Cutler (via Hackernoon): Fixed Length Iterations vs. Continuous Flow

John Cutler compares two approaches to goal setting.

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Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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