Food for Agile Thought #113: Scaling Spotify, Technical Debt, Dogfooding, Cost of Delay

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #113—shared with 12,181 peers—covers scaling Spotify, why technical debt gets out of control, how to go faster, and that customer centricity requires changes to the organization.

We also have a look at ‘Cost of Delay’ as a concept and learn that buildings MVPs might be counterproductive, and to make (product) decisions without a doubt.

Lastly, Hiten Shah considers Trello a failure—find out why.

Have a great week!

Food for Agile Thought #113: Scaling Spotify, Technical Debt, Dogfooding, Cost of Delay

🏆 The Tip of the Week: Scaling Spotify

Henrik Kniberg (via Crisp): Scaling Agile @ LEGO and Spotify

Henrik Kniberg shares his slides “Scaling Agile @ LEGO and Spotify.”

Agile & Scrum

Leon Tranter: Technical debt – or technical bankruptcy?

Leon Tranter analyses the reasons that technical debt gets out of control, and “developers suck” is not one of them.

Jessica Kerr (via GOTO Conferences): Forget Velocity, Let's Talk Acceleration

Jessica Kerr at GOTO 2017 on how to do the most useful work to go faster.

David Cancel: Creating A Customer-Driven Product Machine

David Cancel points out that being ‘customer-driven’ requires ownership, autonomy, and cross-functionality.

Jim Hayden (via Leading Agile): Cost of Delay. What does it mean? Prioritize your backlog and maximize ROI.

Jim Hayden explains the ‘Cost of Delay’ concept and its usefulness to prioritize a product backlog.


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Product & Lean

Wayne Chang: Want To Build An Incredible Product? Strive For The Delta Of ‘Wow’

Wayne Chang does not believe in the ‘minimum viable product’ mantra—you only get one chance to make a great impression.

Paul Rosania (via First Round Capital): Make Product Decisions Without Doubt—My Lessons from Twitter and Slack

Paul Rosania dissects four fundamental product changes and the tactics he used to power through the doubt that accompanied them.

Suzie Prince and Emily Luke (via ThoughtWorks): Developer Dogfooding Is not User Research

Suzie Prince and Emily Luke urge to include developers in the design research process.

Hiten Shah: Why Trello Failed to Build a $1 Billion+ Business

Hiten Shah talks about the opportunity that Trello missed, and what it could have done instead.

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