Food for Agile Thought #112: Scaling Agile Pitfalls, Resources for Product and Design, Coded Waste

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #112—shared with 11,952 peers—focuses on scaling agile pitfalls, particularly in complex systems.

We also have a look at Sam DeBrule’s giant resource list for product and design that makes being a product mensch a bit simpler and more exciting.

Lastly, there is a new blog post available: How to up your game as a product owner. (The PO anti-patterns should be familiar with many scrum teams.)

Have a great week!

Food for Agile Thought #112: Scaling Agile Pitfalls, Resources for Product and Design, Coded Waste

🏆 The Tip of the Week

John Cutler (via Hacker Noon): Why Isn’t Agile Working?

John Cutler visualizes a couple of core concepts to explain why ‘Agile’ can fail.

Scaling Agile Pitfalls

John Cutler (via Hacker Noon): Scaling Without Imploding

John Cutler points at early warning signs, continuous improvement, and (the right kind of) discipline when it comes to ‘scaling.’

Dave Snowden: Scaling in complex systems

Dave Snowden reflects on scaled ‘Agile’ frameworks and their varying degrees of absurdity.

John Yorke: Weeks of coding can save hours of planning

John Yorke borrows from Lean manufacturing to explain software development’s worst waste: overproduction.

(via McKinsey & Company): How to create an agile organization

McKinsey reports from its recent McKinsey Global Survey and shares statistics on organizational agility.

📯 From the Blog: The Scrum Product Owner Anti-Patterns

If you are working as a product owner, there is — very likely — room for improvement. I curated this list of the most common product owner anti-patterns to help you up your game.

If you like to improve on those you recognize why don’t you ask the scrum master and the team for support? The product owner anti-patterns list is a good starting point for a retrospective.

Product Owner Anti-Patterns — Scaling Agile Pitfalls

Read More: Product Owner Anti-Patterns — 31 Ways to Improve as a PO


HelloFresh Is Hiring Agile Coaches in Berlin

We’re hiring a couple of Agile Coaches (or enthusiast learners) at HelloFresh in Berlin. Over the past 6 months we’ve been undergoing an Agile transformation and have pretty extensively blogged about it. Age of Product: HelloFresh hires Agile Coaches in Berlin

Learn more about the position and apply here to become an Agile Coach for HelloFresh.

Note: We’ll also support visa applications with this role.

Are you interested in advertising a position in Food for Agile Thought? Let me know: Stefan at Age of Product.

Product & Lean

Sam DeBrule (via Medium): The Ultimate List of Product & Design Resources to Understand the Tech Ecosystem

Sam DeBrule provides an enormous resource list for everyone who creates products.

Teresa Torres: This Keystone Habit Will Fuel the Rest of Your Continuous Discovery Habits

Teresa Torres explains why regular interviewing is a keystone habit for continuous product discovery.

Fidji Simo (via First Round Capital): How Facebook’s VP of Product Finds Focus and Creates Conditions for Intentional Work

Facebook’s Vice President of Product on how to focus if you need to juggle many important projects and priorities.

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