Agile Metrics Survey 2020 Design — I Need Your Help

The Agile Metrics — Who Is Using what Metrics?

The Agile Metrics Survey 2020 Design: Usually, we start an initiative or project by defining what success would look like and how we would learn that we are successful. Which immediately points at metrics of all kinds. This approach is not different for any attempt to become agile, to turn into a learning organization—at least it should not be.

The question is which metrics have been proven to be successful in the past to support that approach. In other words: is there life beyond velocity?

Support the design of the Agile Metrics Survey 2020 by submitting your suggestions here.

Agile Metrics Survey 2020 — I Need Your Help —

Support the Agile Metrics Survey 2020 by Submitting Your Suggestions

I believe that real data also supports any agile transformation or whatever you like to call it. Hence I will run another survey from the end of October 2020 to collect that information: Who is using what agile metrics in which context to get a better understanding of how becoming agile is progressing within the organization in question?

Instantly, numerous categories of metrics come to mind, such as flow metrics, DevOps metrics, or business metrics, including the corresponding anti-patterns: What is the worst agile metrics you have ever heard of or used? (My favorite anti-pattern of a useful metric is still story points per developer per Sprint.)

To ensure the survey’s comprehensiveness, I like to ask my peers for support in designing the survey. So, if you could spare five minutes of your time and fill out the anonymous Google form to help design the Agile Metrics Survey, I would highly appreciate that contribution.

Support the design of the Agile Metrics Survey 2020 by submitting your suggestions here.

Timeline: I am planning to gather data for the Agile Metrics Survey 2020 in November 2019 and release the report in January 2020.

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