Food for Agile Thought #212: Temporal Dynamics, Coach Assessment, Impact Mapping, Mind Your Competition

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #212—shared with 23,794 peers—delves into coach assessment options; we learn how to help teams out of being stuck in discussions, and we gain more insight into the challenges of moving from directive to supportive leadership.

We also embrace the qualities that impact mapping brings to product discovery; we appreciate a new approach to making product decisions, and we will stop ignoring our competition.

Lastly, we are grateful that someone asked the obvious question: Is ‘Agile’ keeping us too focused on ‘building stuff?’

Did you miss last week’s Food for Agile Thought’s issue #211?

Food for Agile Thought #212: Temporal Dynamics, Coach Assessment, Impact Mapping, Mind Your Competition

🏆 The Essential Read

Viktor Cessan: Temporal Dynamics – Coaching Teams Stuck In Discussion Gridlock

Viktor Cessan elaborates on what “temporal dynamics is, and how you can help a group that has gotten themselves stuck in a cycle of temporal oscillation.”

Agile & Scrum: Coach Assessment

Len Lagestee: How to Assess an Organizational Change Coach

Coach assessment: Len Lagestee points at the ambiguity of the role of the change coach and the lack of a physical outcome to probe for quality.

Charles Lambdin (via Medium): Creating Value with the First Two Laws of Consulting

Charles Lambdin asks: Is ‘Agile’ keeping us too focused on ‘building stuff?’

(via Corporate Rebels): Stop Being A Manager: Start Being A Leader

Corporate Rebels reflect on walking the walk when it comes to moving from directive to supportive leadership.

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Product & Lean

Tim Herbig (via ProductCraft): How to Stay on Course During Product Discovery

Tim Herbig delves into the advantages of impact mapping to avoid confirmation bias and predetermined solutions during product discovery.

Laura Klein: A Framework for Making Better Product Decisions

Laura Klein advocates for a more disciplined approach to planning and review to improve learnings from mistakes.

Marie Prokopets (via Product Habits): Why you shouldn’t ignore your competitors

Marie Prokopets challenges the widespread Silicon Valley practice of ignoring the competition because it has become too fierce.

Support the Design of the Agile Metrics Survey 2020

Usually, we start an initiative or project by defining what success would look like and how we would learn that we are successful. Which immediately points at metrics of all kinds. This approach is not different for any attempt to become agile, to turn into a learning organization—at least it should not be.

The question is which metrics have been proven to be successful in the past to support that approach. In other words: is there life beyond velocity?

I believe that real data also supports any agile transformation or whatever you like to call it. Hence I will run another survey from the end of October 2020 to collect that information: Who is using what agile metrics in which context to get a better understanding of how becoming agile is progressing within the organization in question?

To ensure the survey’s comprehensiveness, I like to ask my peers for support in designing the survey. So, if you could spare five minutes of your time and fill out the anonymous Google form to help design the Agile Metrics Survey, I would highly appreciate that contribution.

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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