Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference — Survey Results Are in: It’s Berlin by 2:1

Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference

Almost three years into building this community, I believe we might now have achieved the critical mass to organize a great conference — the Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference. Currently, I would target the second quarter of 2019 for the first Hands-on Agile conference. To reduce complexity, I would plan for Berlin as its location although London might be an alternative.

Update 2018-08-12: The survey results are in — it is Berlin, see below.

Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference Survey — The What, When & Where?

Update 2018-08-12: The Survey Results Are in

We asked 4,500 European subscribers to the Food for Agile Thought newsletter to participate in the Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference survey, and about 350 answered the call:

  • 65 percent of the respondents voted for Berlin over London.
  • The Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference would be 2-days conference on a Thursday & Friday. (Including a workshop track on Tuesday and Wednesday.)
  • The most wanted topics are business agility, “scaling agile,” and coaching techniques including games.
  • The price range will likely be between € 250 and € 400 per ticket.
  • The majority of respondents preferred a hybrid event with a preselected speaker track as well as a Barcamp-like track.
  • Respondents expressed their willingness to support the conference: from spreading the news to volunteering at the venue.

Next step: The next step is the identification of a suitable venue. Once that task is accomplished, we can start talking to sponsors. I will keep you posted via the newsletter.

Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference Questionnaire

The Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference survey contains the following questions:

  1. What topics shall the Hands-on Agile 2019 conference address?
  2. How long should the conference be?
  3. What are your preferred conference days?
  4. Shall the conference be organized as a barcamp or be based on proposals of prospective speakers?
  5. Should the conference also offer workshops as separate track before it starts?
  6. Would you accept a higher ticket-price to fund (paid) keynote speakers?
  7. Would you accept sponsors? (Typically, a sponsor will be granted a prominent speaking slot.)
  8. What ticket price would you consider prohibitive?
  9. Would you contribute to the organization of the conference?
    • Would you volunteer to spread the word about the conference?
    • Would you join the organizing team?
    • Would help run the conference?
    • Would you suggest to talk or run a workshop at the conference?

Participate in the Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference survey now!

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2 thoughts on “Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference — Survey Results Are in: It’s Berlin by 2:1”

  1. Julie, first of all, we need to find a suitable location. (We are making progress in that respect.) Once that is accomplished, we will build the initial website, and we will be able to open the submission process. I expect this might happen in January 2019.

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