Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference — Survey Results Are in: It’s Berlin by 2:1

Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference

Almost three years into building this community, I believe we might now have achieved the critical mass to organize a great conference — the Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference. Currently, I would target the second quarter of 2019 for the first Hands-on Agile conference. To reduce complexity, I would plan for Berlin as its location although London might be an alternative.

Update 2018-12-11: Join the Agile Camp Berlin 2019: April 26–27, 2019, see below.

Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference Survey — The What, When & Where?

Update 2018-12-11: Join the Agile Camp Berlin 2019: April 26–27, 2019

Experience two energizing days with 200 agile peers focusing on community, sharing, and learning. Moreover, I am particularly excited that we will dedicate the second day to practicing games and exercises—from Liberating Structures to paper snowflakes and airplanes to building castles with 50 other folks, you have never met in your life!

Ticket prices will range from € 69 incl. VAT (early-bird) to € 99 incl. VAT (late-bird) — except for the ACB19 Super Early Bird tickets which are available now in a limited quantity at € 59 incl. VAT.

We expect the official website to be available mid of January 2019. There you will be able to see who will participate, suggestions for talks, games, and exercises as well as the details of the Agile Camp Berlin 2019. If you like to stay tuned, consider joining the Hands-on Agile Slack group.

Update 2018-08-12: The Survey Results Are in

We asked 4,500 European subscribers to the Food for Agile Thought newsletter to participate in the Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference survey, and about 350 answered the call:

  • 65 percent of the respondents voted for Berlin over London.
  • The Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference would be 2-days conference on a Thursday & Friday. (Including a workshop track on Tuesday and Wednesday.)
  • The most wanted topics are business agility, “scaling agile,” and coaching techniques including games.
  • The price range will likely be between € 250 and € 400 per ticket.
  • The majority of respondents preferred a hybrid event with a preselected speaker track as well as a Barcamp-like track.
  • Respondents expressed their willingness to support the conference: from spreading the news to volunteering at the venue.

Next step: The next step is the identification of a suitable venue. Once that task is accomplished, we can start talking to sponsors. I will keep you posted via the newsletter.

Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference Questionnaire

The Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference survey contains the following questions:

  1. What topics shall the Hands-on Agile 2019 conference address?
  2. How long should the conference be?
  3. What are your preferred conference days?
  4. Shall the conference be organized as a barcamp or be based on proposals of prospective speakers?
  5. Should the conference also offer workshops as separate track before it starts?
  6. Would you accept a higher ticket-price to fund (paid) keynote speakers?
  7. Would you accept sponsors? (Typically, a sponsor will be granted a prominent speaking slot.)
  8. What ticket price would you consider prohibitive?
  9. Would you contribute to the organization of the conference?
    • Would you volunteer to spread the word about the conference?
    • Would you join the organizing team?
    • Would help run the conference?
    • Would you suggest to talk or run a workshop at the conference?

Participate in the Hands-on Agile 2019 Conference survey now!

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  1. Julie, first of all, we need to find a suitable location. (We are making progress in that respect.) Once that is accomplished, we will build the initial website, and we will be able to open the submission process. I expect this might happen in January 2019.

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