Food for Agile Thought #180: Micromanagement Perils, Scaling Agile Teams, Impact vs. Output, MVP Viability

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #180—shared with 21,092 peers—focuses on micromanagement perils and the magic that happens once you leave the industrial paradigm behind you. We also learn about four different approaches on how to scale agile teams, and we revisit the velocity as well as the minimum viable product discussions.

Being dedicated storytellers ourselves, we borrow from Pixar’s rule book on storytelling, and we embrace eight ways how we can focus our product teams on outcome/impact, not output/features.

Lastly, we applaud Mike Cohn for busting more product development myths!

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Food for Agile Thought #180: Micromanagement Perils, Scaling Agile Teams, Impact vs. Output, MVP Viability

🏆 The Essential Read: Micromanagement Perils

Chieh Huang (via TED Talks): 📺 Confessions of a recovering micromanager

Chieh Huang shares the magic that happened once Boxed decided to reject the micromanagement madness and started fostering self-organization instead.


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Agile & Scrum

Viktor Cessan: The Often Missed Team Building Activity – An Organizational Growth Strategy

Viktor Cessan sketches four principal ways of scaling the number of agile teams.

Mike Cohn: Six Agile Product Development Myths: Busted

Mike Cohn busts six myths about agile product development, from #NoPlanning to #NoManagers.

Ilia Pavlichenko (via Why Focus on Velocity Inhibits Agility

Ilia Pavlichenko points at the dangerous dynamic of focusing on a Development Team’s velocity.


Engineering Manager (m/f/d) Agile at Flaconi

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Engineering Manager (m/f/d) Agile at Flaconi

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Product & Lean

John Cutler (via Medium): Do This Now: 8 Ways to Focus your Product Team on Impact, Not Features

John Cutler lists eight ways on how organizations can focus on impact instead of merely delivering features.

Shahed Khalili (via Medium): Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling Applied to Product Managers & UX Designers

Shahed Khalili claims that product managers and user experience designers need to be storytellers.

Patrick Thornton (via A Minimal Viable Product needs to actually be viable

According to Patrick Thornton, you can’t iterate to viability. Learn more about what this means for the MVP.

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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