Food for Agile Thought #182: Agile-Industrial Complex, Pro Scrum, Cynefin 2019, Marie Kondo Your Product Backlog

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #182—shared with 21,278 peers—addresses the agile-industrial complex, the stages of progress in becoming agile—provided your organization belongs to the lucky few—, and the state of Cynefin in 2019.

We also learn more on how to deal with complaints that your user stories are not detailed enough—and why it is worth to get to the ground of this notion—; why strategy maps are essential to building valuable products, and how to Marie Kondo your product backlog.

Lastly, we understand why capability maturity models are unsuited for assessing any form of agility.

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Food for Agile Thought #182: Agile-Industrial Complex, Pro Scrum, Cynefin 2019, Marie Kondo Your Product Backlog

🏆 The Essential Read: The Agile-Industrial Complex

Charles Lambdin (via Medium): Agile’s Ethical Dilemma, Decision Distribution, and the Trojan War

Charles Lambdin dissects the Trojan Horse that killed Agile and the agile-industrial complex.


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Agile & Scrum

Roland Flemm (via Iterating toward Professional Scrum

Roland Flemm reflects on the various states of a Scrum adoption—from taking the Scrum Guide literally to stalling to Professional Scrum.

Agility gets lost in committing at Sprint Planning, sacrificing quality to make the Sprint, blaming in the Sprint Review and complaining in the Sprint Retrospective.

Dave Snowden (via Cognitive Edge): Cynefin as of St Davids Day 2019 (1 of 3)

Dave Snowden explains the name change of the Cynefin domain ‘simple’ to ‘obvious.’

Venkatesh Rao: Omega Learning

Venkatesh Rao dissects the capability maturity model (CMM) approach of acquiring of new management knowledge.

Product & Lean

Rich Mironov: My Stories Are Too Short…

Rich Mironov notes that what team members say they want is not always what they want, or what’s good for them.

Roman Pichler: A Strategy Map

Roman Pichler introduces the strategy map—a guide to the strategic decisions required to make and keep products successful.

Mike Cohn: 4 Steps for Agile Product Backlogs that are Too Big

Mike Cohn presents four things you can do to keep your product backlog to a more manageable size.

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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