Food for Agile Thought #236: Back to Agile Roots, Zoom’s Bad Rep, Tech Mercenaries, Dealing w/ Uncertainty

TL; DR: Back to Agile Roots, Zoom’s Bad Rep—Food for Agile Thought #236

Welcome to the 236th edition of the Food for Agile Thought newsletter, shared with 26,031 peers. This week, we explore how the adoption of Agile outside the software industry may have cut the agile roots; we are pleased to learn that Zoom’s CEO got the memo, and we embrace Strategy Knotworking to inspect and adapt our plans in uncertain times.

We also reflect on how to best deal with difficult people; we oppose the idea that tech, design, and product are infighting factions, and we learn more about genuine innovation beyond mercenary engineers implementing stakeholder requirements.

Lastly, we applaud Shane Parrish for pointing at the obvious: that merely excelling at one thing might prove to be tricky in a VUCA world.

Did you miss last week’s Food for Agile Thought’s issue #235?

Food for Agile Thought #236: Back to Agile Roots, Zoom’s Bad Rep, Tech Mercenaries, Dealing w/ Uncertainty —

🏆 The Tip of the Week: Future Remote Work

Dave Snowden (via Lean Agile Brighton): 📺 Doctrine, Domesticity and Delinquency; Returning Agile to the Wild

In this talk, Dave Snowden asks whether Agile is all lost or if we can get back the original inspiration of the Agile Manifesto.

Agile Roots & Scrum

Eric S. Yuan (via Zoom): A Message to Our Users

Zoom’s founder and CEO promises to deal with the privacy issues starting immediately.

Barry Overeem (via The Liberators): Moving Forward in a New and Uncertain World

Barry Overeem shares how The Liberators applied Liberating Structures’ Strategy Knotworking to inspect the present and adapt to the new circumstances.

Shane Parrish (via Farnam Street): Preserving Optionality: Preparing for the Unknown

Shane Parrish advocates that — as the future gets harder to predict — preserving optionality allows us to pivot when the road ahead crumbles.

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Product & Lean

Marty Cagan: The Role of Technology

Marty Cagan delves into software is eating the world, mercenary engineers, roadmaps of stakeholder requirements, and genuine innovation.

Roman Pichler: Dealing with Difficult Emotions in Product Management

Roman Pichler reflects on how to learn dealing with difficult people constructively.

Ant Murphy (via Product Coalition): ‘Product vs Design vs Tech’: A Partnership, not a Battlefield

Anthony Murphy shares his take on what high performing product teams look like.

📯 Remote Agile (Part 3): Mastering Zoom

In this third post of the Remote Agile series, we address the tool at the heart of working with a distributed team as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, or Product Owner: Zoom. While Zoom is an excellent video conference application—particularly for larger groups of twelve or more attendees—by all standards, its killer feature is breakout rooms. Turning a more or less passive audience into engaged collaborators where everyone is included and has a voice makes the difference between a successful facilitator and someone who fails to adapt to a new situation. Let’s have a look at what mastering Zoom is all about.

Mastering Zoom — Remote Agile (Part 3) —

Read more: 📅 🖥 Remote Agile (Part 3): Mastering Zoom.

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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