Food for Agile Thought #197: Agile Decision Making, Project Sabotage, Agile in 1972, Customer Centricity Fad

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #197—shared with 22,468 peers—delves into agile decision making when there is no apparent right answer; we are inspired by a saboteur’s manual to check our projects for similar indications and we go back to a classic on agility from 1972. (Yes, there is life before the Manifesto.)

We also learn about the opportunities that a recent pre-packaged management fad bears for UX folks; we check a flowchart on product prioritization, and we get a better understanding on what companies believe product managers do all day.

Lastly, we applaud Marty Cagan on yet another encouraging video on the challenges product menschen face every.

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Food for Agile Thought #197: Agile Decision Making, Project Sabotage, Agile in 1972, Customer Centricity Fad

🏆 The Essential Read

Marty Cagan (via Mind The Product): 📺 Product is Hard

Marty Cagan reflects on why Agile and Lean won’t solve all your problems and to how to get your product right anyway.

Agile Decision Making & Scrum

Roman Imankulov (via Doist): Principles for Decision-Making in a Flat Organization

Roman Imankulov shares his experience on agile decision making: How to decide with a group of people when there is no obvious right answer.

We don’t try to reach consensus […] as an end in itself. We use consensus-building as a tool to get to the best technical (and sometimes procedural) outcome when we make decisions.

Kai Gilb: The Happy Project Saboteur

Kai Gilb provides an intuitive list of means, approaches, and mental models on how to kill any project.

(via Harvard Business Review): Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow

Another proof that ‘Agile’ is not a new concept—see phase 5—without even mentioning the term: an article by Larry E. Greiner from 1972, republished in 1998 as a ‘classic.’

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Product & Lean

Jared Spool (via Medium): Customer Centricity — The Management Fad We Can Hop On

Jared Spool believes that customer centricity opens the door for UX leaders to promote and spread critical UX strategies.

Christine Itwaru (via ProductCraft): Flowchart: Should We Build This Feature?

Christine Itwaru created a decision support model to help with answering the old question: shall we build it?

Hiten Shah (via Product Habits): How 51 leading tech teams define the Product Manager role

Product Habits analyzed 51 job postings from tech companies in Silicon Valley for what tasks companies are hiring product managers.

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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