Food for Agile Thought #196: Internet Trends 2019, Agile Coach Types, Alignment & Shared Understanding, Roadmap Agility Checklist

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #196—shared with 22,452 peers—discovers seven agile coach types; we learn about the difference between ‘Agile Transformation’ and ‘agile transformation’ by following Avanza’s success story. Moreover, we warm up to the idea that there might be an alternative to stable teams in the age of self-selection.

We also learn about the confluence of lean, agile, and Design Thinking; we get our hands on a checklist for the state of agility of the product roadmap, and we are tempted to follow the idea that nobody owns anything in a product made by a team. Or not?

Lastly, we applaud Mary Meeker for releasing another edition of her epic Internet Trends report. For free.

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Food for Agile Thought #196: Internet Trends 2019, Agile Coach Types, Alignment & Shared Understanding, Roadmap Agility Checklist

🏆 The Essential Read

Mary Meeker (via Bond): 📖 Internet Trends 2019

Mary Meeker released the 333 pages-strong 2019 edition of the Internet Trends report. Download it for free.

Agile Coach Types & Scrum

Els Verkaik: 7 types of Agile Coaches

Els Verkaik categorizes agile coach types by looking at the coach’s preferred behavior. Check whether you’re a Viking or an Evangelist.

Viktor Cessan: 📖 agile transformation at Avanza: a case study

Viktor Cessan released an ebook on how he helped Avanza— Sweden’s largest stockbroker and brokerage firm—take on the challenge of agile transformation.

Julien Lavigne du Ca (via InfoQ): 📺 Continuous Reteaming: Adopt Self-selection and Start Moving People to the Work!

Julien Lavigne du Cadet discusses how he initially led a team of ~20 people from a static structure to something a lot more dynamic where reteaming happens quarterly.

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Product & Lean

Jeff Gothelf (via Mind The Product): 📺 Lean, Agile, & Design Thinking

Jonas Downey (via Signal vs. Noise by Basecamp): Nobody really owns product work

Mattias Skarin (via Crisp): The Product Roadmap Agility Checklist

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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