Food for Agile Thought #171: Pushing Agile, Psychological Safety, Netflix’ Failures, Team Charter How-to

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #171—shared with 20,122 peers—focuses on pushing agile, or better its futility as ‘agile’ needs to be pulled, we analyze current trends in corporate transformation efforts, and we ask: how safe did the attendees of your last workshop feel?

We also try to learn from Netflix’ failures, we come back to technical debt and its influence on product creation once more, and we compare our problems to the most pressing issues Marty Cagan has identified in today’s product-driven companies.

Lastly, we appreciate a great recipe on how to run a team charter creation workshop.

Have a great week!

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Food for Agile Thought #171: Pushing Agile, Psychological Safety, Netflix’ Failures, Team Charter How-to

🏆 The Essential Read

Michael Sahota: How to Overcome Resistance in Your Agile Transformation – The Power of Invitation

Michael Sahota on pushing change upon people, push vs. pull, and how to overcome the resulting resistance within an organization.

Pushing Agile & Scrum

Simon Powers and Shane Hastie (via InfoQ): 🎙 Simon Powers on Transitioning to Product Teams and Advice for New Managers

Shane Hastie interviews Simon Powers on the trends Simon sees happening in large organizations on their agile journey.

Jimmy Janlén (via Crisp): Bootstrapping a Working Agreement for the Agile Team

Jimmy Janlén created a practical guide on how to facilitate the creation of a team charter.

Lynne Cazaly: How safe was that meeting or workshop you were just in?

Lynne Cazaly created a tool to help you understand how safe attendees will perceive your workshop.

Product & Lean

Marty Cagan: Common PM Problem Areas

Marty Cagan shares the most common areas of confusion he has encountered in product teams today.

Gibson Biddle (via Mind The Product): Why We Fail: What I Learned From 5 Years with Friends, Netflix's Social Strategy

Gibson Biddle reflects on Netflix’s mistakes and tries to answer the question: Why did Netflix fail so often?

Roman Pichler: Technical Debt and Product Success

Roman Pichler explains why product people should care about technical debt and offers strategies for addressing the problem.

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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