Retrospective Exercises Repository

TL;DR: The Retrospective Exercises Repository

How to prevent retrospective boredom? One way to achieve that is never to repeat the same combination of retrospective exercises twice.

Avoiding repetitions might sound like much work for a single team. However, if your product delivery organization comprises of more than one Scrum team, I can highly recommend creating a retrospective exercises repository as it improves the quality of the retrospectives and saves much time if you share the retrospective exercises with your fellow scrum masters.

Learn how to build such a retrospective exercises repository.

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21 Sprint Retrospective Anti-Patterns Impeding Scrum Teams

TL;DR: Sprint Retrospective Anti-Patterns

What ceremony could better embody scrum’s ‘inspect and adapt’ mantra than the sprint retrospective? I assume all agile peers agree that even the simplest retrospective—if only held regularly—is far more useful than having a fancy one once in a while, or in the worst case having none at all. And there is always room for improvement. Learn more about 21 common sprint retrospective anti-patterns.

Hands-on Agile: Sprint Retrospective Anti-Patterns

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