Food For Thought #67: Agile Delivery, Scaling, Storytelling, Frustration & Creativity, Why?

Age of Product’s Food for Thought of November 13th, 2016—shared with 4,708 peers—focuses on the front-line of our trade: predictable agile delivery, team performance, scaling beyond the first team, and how to assess a team’s level of agility.

But we also dive deep into the benefits of storytelling, the process that leads to product/market fit, and we share the best ‘why’ questions to find breakthrough ideas.

Last but not least, we learn that embracing frustration—like Keith Jarrett once did in Cologne—can be a great source of creativity.

Enjoy a great Sunday!

Essential Read

Tim Harford (via Mind The Product): The Unplayable Piano: How Frustration Makes Us Creative

The Unplayable Piano: How Frustration Makes Us Creative

Behavioural Economist and Financial Times columnist Tim Harford gave a fascinating presentation at #mtpcon on why frustration makes us creative, and why we should sometimes embrace the messiness around us.

Agile Delivery & Scrum

Mike Perrow (via TechBeacon): How to scale agile and DevOps together

Agile, DevOps, continuous delivery—and all of it at scale. How do these things come together? Mike Perrow asked several experts what they think of the interplay between agile and DevOps.

Russ Lewis (via InfoQ): Predictable Agile Delivery

Russ Lewis shares his learnings how senior managers respond to being told that their culture is getting in the way of achieving their Agile goals.

Mike Cohn: The Chief Product Owner on Large Agile Projects

Mike Cohn outlines his experience with scaling the role of the Product Owner on projects with three or more Scrum teams.

Jez Humble (via GOTO Conferences): Secrets of High Performing Teams: Science Edition

Jez Humble, author of the ‘Lean Enterprise’, at the GOTO Copenhagen 2016 conference on how to set up high performing teams by leveraging data and continuous delivery.

Jürgen Mohr (via Scrum Alliance): Assess Your Team's Scrum Level Using ShuHaRi and the Celebration Grid

Jürgen Mohr combines Jurgen Appelo’s celebration grid with the ShuHaRi idea to assess the Scrum level of the team.

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Product & Lean

Jillian Wells (via Intercom): Get the most out of your research with storytelling

Jillian Wells, senior product researcher at Intercom, shares her best practices how to distill complex problems so that your team understand the what, the why, and the how of the problem at hand.

Marc Abraham: My product management toolkit (15): Storytelling

My product management toolkit (15): Storytelling

Marc Abraham provides the ‘how’ and ‘when’ to use storytelling as a product person.

Madhavan Ramanujam (via First Round Capital): It’s Price Before Product. Period.

Madhavan Ramanujam, Board Member and Partner at Simon-Kucher, and author of ‘Monetizing Innovation’, on building products around price.

Brian Tod (via Seeking Wisdom): About Product/Market Fit — what I’ve learned about the goal, the process and the nuance

Brian Tod summarizes everything he has learned from immersing himself in PMF, starting with Marc Andreessen.

(via Fast Company): Why Every Business Should Use "Irregular Thinking" To Find Breakthrough Ideas

Advertising veterans Jaime Robinson and Lisa Clunie built their company, the creative agency Joan, to be different from the rest of the industry. Learn how they started challenging everything: the best ‘WHY’ questions.

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