Food for Agile Thought #225: Pair Programming, Probabilistic Forecasting, HiPPO Training, Idea Generation 3.0

TL; DR: Probabilistic Forecasting, HiPPO Training—Food for Agile Thought #225

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #225—shared with 24,837 peers—addresses the importance of pair programming; we seek to excel at predicting the future with probabilistic forecasting, and we appreciate an outsight view on Scrum by following sticky notes.

We also point at a crucial stakeholder management competence of Product Owners and Scrum Masters; we enjoy new games and exercises for ideation purposes, and we consider making our product worse for the sake of improving it.

Lastly, we embrace the coining of decaf resistance—it is good to know that a habitual behavior in so many organizations now has a name.

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Food for Agile Thought #225: Pair Programming, Probabilistic Forecasting, HiPPO Training, Idea Generation 3.0 —

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🏆 The Tip of the Week

Nina Siessegger and Birgitta Böckeler: On Pair Programming

Birgitta Böckeler and Nina Siessegger share their belief that pair programming is vital for collaborative teamwork and high-quality software.

Agile, Probabilistic Forecasting & Scrum

Julia Wester (via Create Faster and More Accurate Forecasts using Probabilities

Julia Wester advocates using a statistical method to support Product Owners in making forecasts.

(via epicpeople): 📖 ´(Fr)agile objects: Thinking Scrum through Post-It Notes

Isabel Lafuente and Wilson Prata look at how Scrum is practiced, by following Post-its notes. (Access to the article requires a free account.)

(via Naomi Stanford): Decaf, pragmatic and real resistance

Naomi Stanford introduces three types of organizational resistance.


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Product & Lean

(via Mind The Product): 📺 How to Train Your Hippo

Ozlem Yuce delves into how we can better deal with the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion (HiPPO) in our organizations.

(via IDEO U): 🎙 10 Activities To Generate Better Ideas

Brendan Boyle shares ten games and exercises to breathe life into your ideation process. (Both in writing and as a podcast.)

Oleg Yakubenkov: Experiments where you make your product worse – the most underrated product manager tool

Oleg Yakubenkov suggests turning the order of things upside-down.

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📯 Product Mindset and Ownership in Scrum Teams

There is one product, one Product Owner, one Product Backlog — a simple rule. How is that supposed to scale, you might ask, isn’t that approach turning the Product Owner into the Scrum team’s bottleneck, impeding value creation rather than spearheading it? Well, cargo cult Scrum might end up in that dead-end. The trick to avoiding this fate is to start including the Development Team as early as possible in Product Backlog management which requires a product mindset.

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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