Food for Agile Thought #220: Taylorism & Agile, Kick-Start Self-Organization, Product vs. Company Strategy, PM Time Allocation

TL; DR: Taylorism & Agile, Kick-Start Self-Organization — Food for Agile Thought #220

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #220—shared with 24,421 peers—asks whether Taylorism is probably less of a villain than often believed; we get back to the agile-industrial complex, and we appreciate a simple introduction on how to kick-start self-organization.

We then learn more about value propositions in niche markets; we can compare our activities as product managers with the results of a recent study, and we listen to a discussion on six critical ingredients for a great product strategy.

Lastly, we consider a heretic thought: might the benefit of team longevity be overrated?

Did you miss last week’s Food for Agile Thought’s issue #219?

Food for Agile Thought #220: Taylorism & Agile, Kick-Start Self-Organization, Product vs. Company Strategy, PM Time Allocation

🏆 The Essential Post

Renee Troughton: Taylorism isn’t as far from Agile and Lean as you would think

Renee Troughton believes that Taylor’s Scientific Management is less of a villain that many agile folks believe,

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Agile & Scrum

Ron Jeffries: Advocating Against Advocating Against

Ron Jeffries points at that practices are devised, not just to solve a specific problem, but to make room for improvements.

Gustavo Razzetti (via Medium): How To Get Your Team Started With Self Organization

Gustavo Razzetti describes a roadmap to increase autonomy and to distribute authority in your organization.

Heidi Helfand (via The Agile Revolution): 🎙 [Episode 174: Dynamic Reteaming

Craig Smith interviews Heidi Helfand on why the best teams are not always the stable ones.

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Product & Lean

Amancio Bouza (via Medium): Value Proposition Interface Canvas

Amancio Bouza shares an interesting extension to the value proposition canvas for a niche market: APIs.

(via ProductCraft): Tactical vs. Strategic: Where PMs Spend Time

Paul Young delves into the results of a recent study on what activities product managers allocate their attention.

Des Traynor (via Intercom): 🎙 The intersection of company and product strategy: six key ingredients for a great product strategy

Des Traynor and Paul Adams discuss six key ingredients for a great product strategy.

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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