Food for Agile Thought #216: Product-Market Fit, Agile Contracts, Accelerating User Research, Daily Scrum Anti-Patterns

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #216—shared with 24,073 peers—delves into the product-market fit concept with statistics, frameworks, and models; we discover the essential elements of high performing teams, and we kiss fixed-everything contracts good-bye.

We also learn from Spotify how to speed up user research by not focusing on running more user interviews, and we look behind the scenes of WeChat and its — by Western standards — unconventional approach to innovation.

Lastly, we enjoy the unpacking of “iteration” and question the language of our community.

Did you miss last week’s Food for Agile Thought’s issue #215?

Food for Agile Thought #216: Product-Market Fit, Agile Contracts, Accelerating User Research, Daily Scrum Anti-Patterns

🏆 The Essential Post: Product-Market Fit

Rahul Vohra (via This Week In Startups): 📺 Superhuman CEO on Product-Market Fit

Rahul Vohra shares excellent insights and statistics from Superhuman’s journey to achieving product/market-fit.

Agile & Scrum

Andy Cleff: Trust, Ownership, and Vision: Necessary for High Performance

Andy Cleff elaborates on the essential elements for high-performing, self-managing teams.

Henk van der Schuur (via Medium): Bye Bye Time & Materials: Entering the Era of Agile, Value-based Agreements

Henk van der Schuur suggests agile, value-based agreements instead of fixed-everything contracts.

Charles Lambdin (via Medium): Words Matter: Unpacking ‘Iterate’

Charles Lambdin delves into language, distinguishing ‘iteration’ from ‘increment.’

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Product & Lean

(via Notion): Finding product-market fit: models and frameworks for SaaS companies

Stephen Millard and Joshua Olusanya introduce Notion’s PMF framework of how to understand where to allocate more capital.

(via epicpeople): Accelerating User Research: How We Structure Insights for Speed At Spotify

Sara Belt reflects on integrating research into the product development practice and speeding up organizations’ ability to learn and iterate overall.

Julian Birkinshaw (via Harvard Business Review): The Kind of Creative Thinking That Fueled WeChat’s Success

Julian Birkinshaw reports on the vision – or grand design — of WeChat, which is remarkably different from, for example, the design thinking approach to innovation.

📯 Daily Scrum Anti-Patterns: 20 Ways to Improve

In my experience, the Daily Scrum is the Scrum event with the highest anti-pattern density among all events. Learn more about the Daily Scrum anti-patterns that threaten to derail your agile transition.

20 Daily Scrum Anti-Patterns —

Read more: Daily Scrum Anti-Patterns: 20 Ways to Improve.

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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