Food for Agile Thought #194: #NoFrameworks, Scrum Team Counseling, PM Servant Leadership, As a User…

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #194—shared with 22,272 peers—takes a look at # NoFrameworks; we apply couple counseling techniques to conflicts in Scrum Teams, and acknowledge that our Sprint board is not a Kanban system.

We also learn from Ocado’s portfolio wall how to improve product development; we analyze why the standard user story template has proven so popular, and we brush up our understanding of servant leadership in product management.

Lastly, we enjoy Phil Plait’s video on how science works—replace ‘science’ with ‘product,’ and you get a handy introduction into contemporary product development approaches for the skeptics in your organization.

Did you miss last week’s Food for Agile Thought’s issue #193?

Food for Agile Thought #194: #NoFrameworks, Scrum Team Counseling, PM Servant Leadership, As a User…

🏆 The Essential Read

Phil Plait (via TED Talks): The secret to scientific discoveries? Making mistakes

Phil Plait points at how science progresses—through a healthy amount of making and correcting errors.

# NoFrameworks & Scrum

Scott Ambler (via DisciplinedAgile): #NoFrameworks: How We Can Take Agile Back

Scott Ambler shares his keynote form the XP2019 conference, addressing the popularity of agile frameworks as well as the collateral damage they cause.

Matthew Hodgson (via Zen Ex Machina): Global Scrum Gathering Austin 2019: Couples Counselling for Teams

Matthew Hodgson shares patterns from psychology on how to manage conflicts in Scrum Teams.

Alex Novkov (via Kanbanize Blog): Your Kanban Board is not a Kanban System

Alex Novkov explains how to turn a visual management board—your Sprint board, for example—into a Kanban system.

📅 Joining as a Professional Scrum Trainer

I am happy to announce that I have joined as a Professional Scrum Trainer, and I am looking forward to contributing to the community at the training level as well.

Professional Scrum Trainer Stefan Wolpers

Upcoming classes:

DateClass and LanguageCityPrice
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Oct 15–16, 2019Professional Scrum Master Training (PSM I; German)Hamburg€1,499 incl. 19% VAT
Oct 21–22, 2019Professional Scrum Master Training (PSM I; English)Frankfurt/Main€1,499 incl. 19% VAT
Oct 29-30, 2019Professional Scrum Master Training (PSM I; English)Berlin€1,499 incl. 19% VAT
Nov 12–14, 2019Professional Scrum Master Training + Liberating Structures (PSM I; German)Munich€1,499 incl. 19% VAT

📅 Training, Workshops, and Events

2019-07-06, Berlin: Liberating Structures 4 Scrum — From Daily Scrum to Sprint Review.

Join us for an exciting day of practicing Liberating Structures 4 Scrum — From Daily Scrum to Sprint Review. We will be exploring several microstructures, weave them into strings and apply those to Scrum events like the Daily Scrum, the Sprint Review, or the Sprint Retrospective. The workshop language will be English.

Liberating Structures 4 Scrum — From Daily Scrum to Sprint Review (Hands-on-Agile Academy)

The workshop is well suited for beginners of Liberating Structures if you already have a basic understanding of Scrum roles, events, and artifacts. (However, I would not recommend the workshop to those who are unfamiliar with both Scrum and Liberating Structures.)

The workshop fee includes lunch and beverages. The regular ticket is € 89 incl. 19% VAT. There is a limited number of Early Bird tickets available at € 69 incl. 19% VAT.

Lastly, if you are a regular attendee of the Hands-on Agile meetups, you might be eligible for a discount of up to € 30. (Get your loyalty card at the next Hands-on Agile meetup on June 13th, 2019.)

Get your ticket: Liberating Structures 4 Scrum — From Daily Scrum to Sprint Review (Berlin, July 6th, 2019.)

Scrum Guide Reordered Free Download

Product & Lean

(via InfoQ): The (R)evolution of a Portfolio Wall

Anna Miedzianowska and William Peck discuss the evolution of the Portfolio Wall at Ocado, lessons learned and mistakes to avoid.

Mike Cohn: Why the Three-Part User Story Template Works So Well

Mike Cohn takes a look at the three elements of the standard template and reflects on why that template has stood the test of time as well as its strengths and weaknesses.

Christine Itwaru (via ProductCraft): Servant Leadership for Product Managers

Christine Itwaru advocates the role of the Product Owner without called it that way.

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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