Food for Agile Thought #192: Ditch Scrum? Friday Deploy Freezes, Boing 737 MAX 8, Issues w/ Northstar Metrics

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #192—shared with 22,034 peers—asks: Should your organization ditch Scrum? Moreover, we address Friday deploy freezes and how systems thinking can help to overcome agile anti-patterns.

We also reveal issues w/ Northstar metrics; we analyze innovation in the era of the learning organization, and we delve into the Boing 737 MAX 8 disaster.

Lastly, we thank Peter Gfader for speaking out loud in support of physical boards and index cards. Finally! 🙏

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Food for Agile Thought #192: Ditch Scrum? Friday Deploy Freezes, Boing 737 MAX 8, Issues w/ Northstar Metrics

🏆 The Essential Read

Charity Majors: Friday Deploy Freezes Are Exactly Like Murdering Puppies

Charity Majors reflects on why Friday freezes are no longer seen as a badge of responsibility and honor but rather a source of mild embarrassment.

Agile & Ditch Scrum?

Peter Gfader: Cage Fight: Electronic VS Physical Boards

Peter Gfader points at the utility of ‘big-ass-boards’ to track work and visualize stuff.

Jurgen De Smet (via AgileByExample): ABE light 2019: Why Should Most Organisations Ditch Scrum!

Jurgen De Smet helps you evaluate if your organization should ditch Scrum or not.

(via InfoQ): Agile Anti-Patterns: A Systems Thinking Approach

David Johnston advocates using systems thinking to classify problems w/ agile transitions and identify their solutions.

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The Scrum Guide–Reordered allows you to get a first understanding of Scrum-related questions quickly. For example, it is good at relating a specific topis — say “stakeholder” — with Scrum first principles such as Scrum Values, or empiricism.

Scrum Guide Reordered —

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Product & Lean

Vince Law (via Medium): WTF is Your Metric Doing to Your Customers?

Vince Law analyzes how to avoid the unintended consequences of the one metric that rules them all—your Northstar metric.

Harold Jarche: What is innovation?

Harold Jarche puts his core observations about innovation together into a cohesive narrative.

Robin Dymond: Boeing 737 MAX 8:  Would Agile Foundations Have Prevented Such Fatal Flaws?

Did Boeing’s development of the 737 MAX 8 avoid Agile principles? Robin Dymond believes so.

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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