Food for Agile Thought #168: Product Backlog 101, Experimentation Culture, LeSS vs. Nexus

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #168—shared with 20,064 peers—focuses on the importance of the product backlog, how to create an experimentation culture to verify product hypotheses, as well as on the process of how to create a decent product vision in the first place.

We also learn about the differences and similarities of LeSS and Nexus, the two Scrum scaling frameworks appealing to purists, and enjoy CB Insights guide to moron-proof corporate innovation.

Lastly, we join Marty Cagan when he reveals the secrets to building outstanding product organizations with folks like you and me.

Have a great week!

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Food for Agile Thought #168: Product Backlog 101, Experimentation Culture, LeSS vs. Nexus

🏆 The Essential Read

Marty Cagan (via Zalando Technology): 📺 Empowered—Achieving Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People

In this video, Marty Cagan talks at a Zalando event in Berlin, covering numerous topics from customer centricity to servant leadership.

Agile & Scrum Product Backlog

Jasper Alblas (via Product Backlog refinement is a Scrum Team responsibility

Jasper Alblas elaborates on the small paragraph of the Scrum Guide, addressing the product backlog refinement.

John Coleman (via Business 2 Community): How Do Nexus and LeSS Differ?

John Coleman discusses the differences—and similarities—between LeSS and Nexus in detail.

Black Swan Farming Joshua J. Arnold: The Product Backlog – ‘One safe waiting place’

Joshua J. Arnold takes on Agile Alliance’s definition of the product backlog, adding more meaning to it.

Now Available on Youtube: Webinar Replay — Scrum Master Anti-Patterns

The replay of the eighth Hands-on Agile webinar on Scrum Master Anti-Patterns is now available on Youtube. It addresses twelve anti-patterns of your Scrum Master—from ill-suited personal traits and the pursuit of individual agendas to frustration with the team itself.

Webinar Scrum Master Anti-Patterns Hands-on-Agile Webinar #8

Watch the webinar now: Scrum Master Anti-Patterns.

Product & Lean

Alex Birkett (via VWO): How To Build A Culture Of Experimentation

Alex Birkett wrote an epic guide on how to validate or falsify product hypotheses and get the organization as a whole onboard.

(via CB Insights): A Guide To Corporate Innovation: 19 Strategies To Drive Innovation Now

Given the importance of innovation to drive the longevity, growth, and competitiveness of large corporations, CB Insights shares 19 bulletproof strategies.

James Chudley (via cxpartners): A simple workshop format to help you define an effective product vision

James Chudley shares a workshop format—including the templates—to simplify the process of defining a product vision.

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🗞️ Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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