Food for Agile Thought #109: Agile Metrics Secrets, Agile Tribes, Going Faster, Product Adoption

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #109—shared with 11,473 peers—reveals agile metrics secrets, how to avoiding strangling innovation in your organization and asks: “Is Agile Doomed” as more agile tribes and factions appear.

We also share the best learnings from Mind the Product London 2017, how any organization can ‘speed up’ in the race of delivering value, and why falling in love with your ideas is not helpful in that respect.

Lastly, we understand how scaling Agile can work without sacrificing everything it stands for along the way — there is a short new introduction to Large-Scale Scrum available. (Thanks to Craig and Bas for organizing the LeSS Conference 2017 last week!)

Have a great week!

Food for Agile Thought #109: Agile Metrics Secrets, Agile Tribes, Going Faster, Product Adoption

🏆 The Tip of the Week

Martin Eriksson (via Mind The Product): What we Learned at Mind the Product London 2017

Martin Eriksson summarizes the most important learnings from Mind the Product London 2017.

Agile Metrics Secrets & Scrum

Jay Hrcsko (via Agile Uprising): The Balkanization of Agile

Jay Hrcsko believes that the “cracks” in our unified façade are starting to show, that the balkanization of “Agile” in on its way, and that failure might be imaginable.

(via Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute): Three Secrets to Successful Agile Metrics

Will Hayes of the SEI Agile in Government team shares his learnings on agile metrics secrets from 26 years of participating in agile software projects for US government agencies.

Read more on agile metrics: Agile Metrics — The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Steve Blank: How companies strangle innovation – and how you can get it right

Steve Blank suggests how to deal with the tidal wave of unfiltered ideas from within an organization without killing innovation in the process.

(via LeSS): Introduction to LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum)

A brand-new animation introducing the core principles of Large-Scale Scrum — or LeSS.


HelloFresh Is Hiring Agile Coaches in Berlin

We’re hiring a couple of Agile Coaches (or enthusiast learners) at HelloFresh in Berlin. Over the past 6 months we’ve been undergoing an Agile transformation and have pretty extensively blogged about it. Age of Product: HelloFresh hires Agile Coaches in Berlin

Learn more about the position and apply here to become an Agile Coach for HelloFresh.

Note: We’ll also support visa applications with this role.

Are you interested in advertising a position in Food for Agile Thought? Let me know: Stefan at Age of Product.

Product & Lean

John Cutler (via Hacker Noon): How Do We Go Faster?

John Cutler provides another epic list of issues that prevent organizations from delivering innovation and value “faster.”

Julie Zhuo: Addressing executive swoop-ins

Julie Zhuo addresses executive intervention: how to arrive at a good solution and bridge the gap between your team and your managers.

Alex Osterwalder (via Strategyzer): How Customers Adopt Products

Alex Osterwalder points at the Forces Diagram that helps you understand why customers may or may not switch to a new value proposition or solution.

Teresa Torres: Mind the Product London 2017: How Compare and Contrast Decisions Lead to Better Product Outcomes

Teresa Torres on falling in love with your ideas, not considering enough (other) ideas, and how an outcome opportunity tree helps with prioritization.

Hiten Shah (via Product Habits): Story points, t-shirt sizing and time buckets: How tech companies do engineering estimates

Hiten Shah ran a survey about how we handle engineering estimates.

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