Food For Thought #84: Half-Arsed Agile, Hollary and Scrump, SM or Coach, Crappy PM Jobs

Age of Product’s Food for Thought of March 26th, 2017—shared with 7,083 peers—provides you with proven techniques to avoid “half-arsed” agile, draws the line between Scrum Master and Agile Coach, and invites you to listen to Hollary and Scrump. Yub, make Scrum great again.

On the product side, Melissa Perri helps you to identify crappy product management jobs in advance, and Marty Cagan gives away his favorite PM interview question. Also, Ideo shares six insights that help you crack innovation.

Lastly: We enjoy a two-hour long podcast on self-organization, empowerment, and entrepreneurship with Ricardo Semler & Mr. Ferriss. (Perfect for the gym, accounting, or cooking. I tried all three of those.)

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Half-Arsed Agile & Scrum

Simon Powers and Matt Wynne: How BDD can save your agile

Matt Wynne – the lead developer of Cucumber – shares on why “doing” Scrum (or half-arsed agile), is not enough to become agile.

John Yorke (via DZone): When Does Coaching End and Doing Start?

John Yorke points at the role of the Agile coach which can cause some confusion: Coaches are meant to facilitate, not do.

Christiaan Verwijs (via Agilistic): On Complexity: Why Your Software Project Needs Scrum

Christiaan Verwijs addresses complexity in projects and introduces the Stacey matrix and Dave Snowden’s Cynefin framework.

(via ResponsiveOrg): Holacracy vs Scrum : Presidential Debate

Piero Pierucci provides a comparison of Holacracy and Scrum – in the form of a political debate –, derived from a workshop at the SARO Teal Camp 2016.

Ben Linders: Retrospectives beyond the team level

Ben Linders suggests running retrospectives also beyond the actual team, for example, at stakeholder level.

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Product & Lean

Melissa Perri (via Medium): 6 Questions to Ask Before Taking that Product Manager Job

Melissa Perri shares six questions for your PM interview. The answers to these will tell you whether or not there is an infrastructure in place for you to succeed at your job.

Marty Cagan: My Favorite PM Interview Question

Marty Cagan of svpg shares his favorite interview questions, thus rendering it possibly useless.

(via Co.Design): Ideo Studied Innovation In 100+ Companies–Here’s What It Found

Innovation is hard to pin down, but with these six insights Ideo says it’s cracking the code.

Sara Critchfield (via Harvard Business Review): How to Push Your Team to Take Risks and Experiment

Sara Critchfield suggests four techniques to encourage teams to leave their comfort zone and embrace taking more risks.

The Essential Read

Tim Ferriss and Ricardo Semler: The Seven-Day Weekend and How to Break the Rules

Tim Ferriss interviews Ricardo Semler, the former CEO of Semco Partners, a Brazilian company best known perhaps for its radical form of industrial democracy and corporate re-engineering.

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