Food for Agile Thought #115: Agile ROI, Winning Hearts and Minds, Product Transparency

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #115—shared with 12,439 peers—focuses on winning hearts and minds in the organization as we borrow from political campaigns, and we now can convince financially-minded business people about the Agile ROI.

We also go the extra mile providing transparency on the product process, we learn how to translate prioritization into numbers every MBA understands, and we kiss ‘one-size-fits-all’ Agile good-bye.

Lastly, John Cutler asks the right question: Shall the product organization focus on learning fast or shipping fast?

Have a great week!

Food for Agile Thought #115: Agile ROI, Winning Hearts and Minds, Product Transparency

🏆 The Tip of the Week

Kate Gray and Chris Young (via GOTO Conferences): GOTO 2017 • How to Win Hearts & Minds – Lessons Learned from Electoral Politics

Kate Gray and Chris Young share the methods used in political campaigns and show how they can be applied to the workplace to help you.

Agile ROI & Scrum

Johanna Rothman (via InfoQ): Customize Your Agile Approach: Select Your Agile Approach That Fits Your Context

Johanna Rothman points at that there is no one-size-fits-all Agile as every team, and every organization is unique.

Gunther Verheyen: Inside of the whirlwind (The third Scrum Wave)

Gunther Verheyen beliefs that we are in the third wave of the Agile adoption lifecycle, focusing on simplicity.

(via Development That Pays): Agile is Not Efficient; Agile is Effective. But is it Cost-effective?

Development That Pays provides a simple animation for the business-minded non-techie that explains how Agile creates value.


Raisin Is Looking for an Agile Coach (m/f) in Berlin

Raisin’s goal is to become the leading one-stop shop for simple savings and investment products across Europe within the next few years.

We are working cross-functionally with 11 chapters and 4 squads. Now, we are looking for a motivated and driven Agile Coach (m/f), who brings are agile processes to the next level.

Find more information about the position and send us your application here.

Want to know who we are and see some videos? Then check out our career page.

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Product & Lean

John Cutler (via Hacker Noon): Faster. Faster. Faster.

John Cutler dissects the hard choice: Shall the product organization focus on learning fast or shipping fast?

Rich Mironov: My CEO is a Finance Guy Stuck on ROI

Rich Mironov translates product strategy and prioritization into financial terms.

(via ProdPad): Five Effortless Ways To Introduce Internal Transparency Into Your Organization

Nandini Jammi outlines five steps how the product organization can provide transparency of its process to the rest of the company.

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