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Welcome to the Download Page of the “Agile Transition – A Hands-on Guide from the Trenches” Ebook

Agile Transition

The “Agile Transition – A Hands-on Guide from the Trenches” ebook is a collection of articles I have been writing since October 2015. They detail the necessary steps to transition an existing product delivery organization of over 40 people strong to agile practices. The ebook covers, for example,

  • Organizational issues,
  • Educating stakeholders,
  • Hiring and the concept of peer recruiting,
  • Product discovery,
  • Product delivery,
  • Framework and process questions,
  • Agile metrics,
  • Indicators that your transition is not going well.

The ebook is available for free and will be regularly updated. (All subscribers will be notified automatically.) So, stay tuned!

Please note that you will not be able to download the PDF without having JavaScript enabled.

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