Food for Agile Thought #426: Continuous Integration, More Features = More Problems, Rebuilding Trust, Job Stories Revisited

TL; DR: Continuous Integration — Food for Agile Thought #426

Welcome to the 426th edition of the Food for Agile Thought newsletter, shared with 49,156 peers. This week, we explore Martin Fowler’s essay, advocating for Continuous Integration for team efficiency, while Martijn Oost critiques quick Agile transformations, emphasizing a tailored approach. John Cutler discusses rebuilding trust in leadership, and Chris Corrigan explores organizational life cycles with the ‘two loops model.’ Lastly, we identify the signs of a Scrum Master’s journey nearing its end, reflecting on evolving organizational dynamics.

Then, Maarten Dalmijn delves into feature development, highlighting the actual value not in the features themselves but in the opportunities they create for users. Janna Bastow contrasts the complexities of overseeing multiple products in large enterprises with the more focused task of managing a single product. Additionally, Lenny Rachitsky and Dan Hockenmaier emphasize the significance of deciphering your business’s core dynamics using a fundamental equation that encapsulates inputs, desired outputs, and their interconnections.

Finally, Jason Cohen highlights the complexities of forecast evaluation using weather prediction examples, focusing on accuracy beyond just surface-level results. Benjamin Huser-Berta explains Monte Carlo Simulations’ role in forecasting and effective planning. Mads Soegaard and another article discuss the significance of user story mapping and Job Stories in product development, enhancing UX design and aligning with user perspectives. Lastly, Howard Tiersky advocates for agile adaptation in digital transformations to meet evolving technological and customer demands.

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The most popular discussion on LinkedIn last week was: The Minimum Viable Library — ScrumMaster edition, version 2.0!

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🏆 The Tip of the Week: Continuous Integration

Martin Fowler: Continuous Integration

In this epic essay, Martin Fowler advocates for Continuous Integration, a development practice where team members frequently merge their work, minimizing integration challenges and enabling rapid feature enhancement.

🍋 Lemon of the Week

Matteo Bianchi (via Medium): Scrum sucks.. Breaking news: Scrum is bad.

In a somewhat comical misfire, this article on Scrum reads like a classic case of missing the mark. It turns Scrum’s nuanced approach into a clumsy shuffle, showcasing a striking blend of misunderstanding and oversimplification.

➿ Agile & Scrum

Martijn Oost (via Medium): Stop Big Bang Agile Transformation!

Martijn Oost criticizes forced, rapid Agile transformations, advocating for a gradual, tailored approach. He emphasizes aligning people, structures, and content with business goals and advises against generic Agile models.

John Cutler: Rebuilding Trust and Breaking Free From Trust Proxies and The Swirl

John Cutler addresses how trust issues in leadership impact organizations. He suggests recognizing trust proxies, fostering open dialogues, redefining trust as tension, and focusing on successes to rebuild trust within teams effectively.

Chris Corrigan: The Two Loops Model of Change, Part 1

Chris Corrigan shares insights on the ‘two loops model’ of change in living systems, a tool for leaders to navigate the complex dynamics of organizational life cycles and emerging systems.

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🎯 Product

Maarten Dalmijn: More Features, More Problems

Maarten Dalmijn discusses the misconceptions around feature development, emphasizing that the actual value lies not in the features themselves but in the possibilities they unlock for users.

Janna Bastow (via ProdPad): Enterprise Product Management: How to Run Product in Large Organizations

Janna Bastow navigates enterprise product management, contrasting the vast responsibilities of leading multiple products with the focused role of managing one in large organizations

Lenny Rachitsky: How to describe your business as an equation

Lenny Rachitsky and Dan Hockenmaier explain the importance of understanding your business through a fundamental equation that outlines inputs, desired outputs, and their relationship.

📯 Sunsetting Scrum Masters

In this article, I uncover indicators that a Scrum Master’s or Agile Coach’s journey is coming to a close; they are sunsetting Scrum Masters.

These indicators include, for example, management’s deviation from first principles, reduced support for your change initiatives, an emerging preference for short-term fixes over long-term agile strategies, a shift back to top-down control, decreased communication involvement, exclusion from management discussions, neglected input, waning reliance from the team, being left out of new communication channels, and lessened requests for meeting facilitation.

Consequently, recognizing and addressing these signs is critical to maintaining integrity and effectiveness.

Finally, please do not fool yourself; sometimes, it is also time to move on.

Read the article now: Sunsetting Scrum Masters.

🛠 Concepts, Tools & Measuring

Jason Cohen (via Jason Cohen): How to measure the accuracy of forecasts

Jason Cohen demystifies forecast evaluation, emphasizing that accuracy isn’t the sole criterion. He explores the mathematics of probabilities, using examples like weather prediction to illustrate the complexity of assessing forecast accuracy beyond surface-level outcomes.

(via Medium): An Introduction and Step-by-Step Guide to Monte Carlo Simulations

Benjamin Huser-Berta’s guide delved into Monte Carlo Simulations in forecasting. It explains using randomness for results, focusing on Throughput, and interpreting outcomes. The guide emphasizes the method’s usefulness in effective planning and decision-making processes.

(via InteractionDesignOrg): User Story Mapping in Design

Mads Soegaard illustrates user story mapping as a vital method for product teams to align their development with the user’s perspective, enhancing UX design and efficiency.

(via JTBD Toolkit): Job Stories Revisited

This article revisits the concept of Job Stories in the Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) framework, clarifying their application and differentiating them from user stories and personas.

🎶 Encore

Braden Kelley: Creating Organizational Agility

Howard Tiersky advocates for organizational agility in digital transformation, stressing swift adaptation to technological changes and evolving customer expectations for success.

Thomas Cagley: 🎙 SPaMCAST 790 – It’s All About The People, A Conversation With Stefan Wolpers

Thomas Cagley interviewed me for his podcast.

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