Thank You for Your Participation in the Webinar

It Was a Pleasure to Have You on the Webinar!

Thank you so much for contributing to today’s webinar—it means a lot to me! Within the next 24 hours, I will make the video of the webinar available so you can replay it at any time. The transcript of the webinar may take a bit longer.

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the webinar, I would highly appreciate your feedback. You can reach me anytime by email to stefan [at]

Again, thank you for your participation. Having you as a member of the Hands-on Agile community means a lot to me!

Where to go from here?

We recommend the following two ebooks on the broader topic of anti-patterns. You can download them for free:

  1. Download the ’Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide’ for Free
  2. Download the ‘Agile Transition – A Hands-on Guide from the Trenches’ for Free