Liberating Structures for Scrum (1): The Sprint Retrospective

TL; DR: Liberating Structures for Scrum: The Sprint Retrospective

Liberating Structures Sprint Retrospective: A few weeks ago, I started an event series with my Berlin-based Hands-on Agile Meetup group on how to improve Scrum events utilizing Liberating Structures — a set of easy to learn, yet powerful ways to collaborate as a team. The results have been fantastic so far, and I like to share these outcomes with those who cannot participate in person.

In this first post, learn more on how you can use Liberating Structures strings to improve the level of collaboration and engagement at Sprint Retrospectives.

Liberating Structures for Scrum (1): The Sprint Retrospective —
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Technical Debt & Scrum: Who Is Responsible?

TL; DR: Technical Debt & Scrum

If technical debt is the plague of our industry, why isn’t the Scrum Guide addressing the question of who is responsibly dealing with it? To make things worse, if the Product Owner’s responsibility is to maximize the value customers derive from the Development Team’s work, and the Development Team’s responsibility is to deliver a product Increment (at least) at the end of the sprint adhering to the definition of “Done,” aren’t those two responsibilities possibly causing a conflict of interest?

This post analyzes the situation by going back to first principles, as laid out in the Scrum Guide to answer a simple question: Who is responsible for keeping technical debt at bay in a Scrum Team?

Technical Debt & Scrum: Who Is Responsible?
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Webinar #8: Scrum Master Anti-Patterns [Video]

TL;DR: Webinar Scrum Master Anti-Patterns

The eighth Hands-on Agile webinar Scrum Master Anti-Patterns addresses twelve anti-patterns of your Scrum Master—from ill-suited personal traits and the pursuit of individual agendas to frustration with the team itself.

Webinar Scrum Master Anti-Patterns Hands-on-Agile Webinar #8
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Webinar #6: Product Owner Anti-Patterns [Video]

TL;DR: Webinar Product Owner Anti-Patterns

The sixth Hands-on Agile webinar product owner anti-patterns addresses 12 ways to improve a product owner’s skill set. Learn also when you — as the scrum master or scrum team — should reach out to your product owner and offer support.

Webinar #6: Product Owner Anti-Patterns

Webinar #5: Sprint Planning Anti-Patterns [Video]

TL;DR: Webinar Sprint Planning Anti-Patterns

Webinar Sprint Planning: The purpose of Scrum’s sprint planning is to align the development team and the product owner. Both need to agree on the shippable product increment of the next sprint. The idea is that the development team’s forecast reflects the product owner’s sprint goal. Also, the team needs to come up with a plan on how to accomplish its forecast.

Easier said than done, it appears. Therefore, the fifth Hands-on Agile webinar addresses common sprint planning anti-patterns. Learn how to keep a simple scrum ceremony useful by avoiding typical mistakes, from pushy POs, toying with the definition of ready to obstructing the future flow by pushing utilization to 110%.

Webinar Sprint Planning Anti-Patterns — June 5th, 2018
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Food For Thought #55: 100% Scrum Master, Getting Hired, Product Squads, Unwanted Users, Jobs We Lose to AI

Age of Product’s Food for Thought of August 21st, 2016—shared with 4,036 peers—points to 15 simple phrases from great leaders that boost team engagement. Which might prove to be helpful, when Agile will break your organization.

We also learn why removing “Agile Coach” from your profile might make the resulting 100% Scrum master more authentic, and how to land your next Scrum master position in the first place. Or your dream product manager job.

We then try to weight the benefits and potential risks of Spotify’s product squad concept and finally have to admit that not every great product automatically creates great business. Speaking of which: What is also not creating a great business, is a bunch of 50% solution.

Last, but not least, we come back to the question if we will have a job in ten years from now, given the advances of machine learning, and hear from Mr. Facebook himself how to build a better tomorrow. Enjoy a great Sunday!

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